Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing

A Little Bit About Myself and 2 Left Feet.

25 years ago, I was a ballroom student - struggling to learn complicated steps.  I thought to myself, there had to be an easier way.  When my studio went out of business, I took the "horse by the reins" and reinvented ballroom dance classes.  I made them affordable, so everyone could have a chance to learn to dance.  I held lessons in several locations - so my students would not have to travel far and wide to learn to dance.  And last but not least, I made them casual.  Jeans are the dress of choice - and low heeled shoes, that slide.  I started teaching lessons with Parks and Recreation departments, and from there started renting space.  Then I started teaching private lessons, at a reasonable cost, with only one teacher (me) and a couple on the floor.  This was unheard of in dance studios.  Sometime, there would be 4 teachers on the floor at one time at the location where I was taking lessons.  Soon, I had to invent a name for my "studio" and 2 Left Feet was born.  If I had a nickel for everytime a student said to me, "I probably can't learn to dance, I have two left feet." I would be rich!!


So, that's my story.  Inexpensive ballroom dance lessons, with casual attire in a fun, friendly atmosphere.

Don't get me wrong - I also teach competitive students, but the majority of my classes and private lessons are students that just want to learn how to dance.