Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing

Rates and Services

Currently I offer group classes, semi private classes and private lessons.  These vary in prices to suit your needs. I teach in Stow and West Akron. 


Group Class are currently $85 per couple for a six week session.  Classes are 55 minutes each week. I do not switch partners.  You will learn to dance with the person you bring.


Semi-private classes are $45 per hour for the first couple, and $20 for each additional couple. Typically couples split the cost.  These classes are popular for parties that want to learn to dance for a wedding.


Private lessons are $45 per hour.  That's one teacher (me), either a couple or single and we will work on any dance you like.  There will be no other teachers on the floor.


I also offer a ballroom dance the fourth Friday of every month (except December).  The cost is $9/person which includes entry into the ballroom, pizza, pop, chips and a half hour lesson.

Please email for more info

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